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Want to let your voice be heard but lack an outlet?

You have come to the right spot because applications to join our team are officially live and rolling! No prior experience is needed, just passion and good vibes. We also have commitment free options available as well if you want your work to be published. 

We are seeking: 

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Full Time Staffing: Writers

We are seeking passionate writers from all ages and backgrounds to add perspective and work on our team!


If you are interested becoming a full time staff writer all you need for the application is some basic information, a passion for writing, and an optional writing sample. Joining the team entails writing an article a week for publication and joining our weekly meeting sessions on zoom.

We hope to see you there and can't wait to meet you!

Op-Ed and Art Submissions: No commitment Option

If you're looking for something with no commitment, but you still want to be published on the page we are also opening applications for submissions.


These submissions can be in any form (articles, poetry, art, etc.) and we encourage all types of talent to submit a piece. If chosen your work will be published on this website permanently for viewers to enjoy! In terms of content, we are especially interested in work related to activism of any kind or informative pieces on trending/important subjects. This is really a great opportunity to have your work published without committing to being a part of the full-time staff.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer slots are open for application. No pervious work is needed.  We are looking for originality and flexibility in applicants. We hope you apply!

  Social Media Team  

We are are looking for a full time social media team to establish The Just Journal's presence on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We are looking for someone who loves collaborate and work with others!

We want your Feedback.

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