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Trump Administration Wage War on U.S Postal Service

Despite being named the most loved federal agency in the U.S in 2019 and previous years, the U.S postal service is facing significant challenges with mail delivery delays.

This is especially concerning because of the dramatic predicted increase of mail-in ballots as a result of safety concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic. Politicians are now turning their atte

Trump’s Blatant Bias Against Mail-in Voting

As Trump continues his fraudulent attacks on mail-in voting politicians and critics on both sides of the aisle are becoming increasingly suspicious of his statements regarding the Post Office. In fact, recently the President stated that he would refuse to provide any additional funding for the agency in order to prevent universal mail-in voting from happening. This statement was criticized because the proposed democrat legislation titled the “HEROES ACT” is not to fund mail-in voting which the Post Office does not need additional funding for. The 25 billion would be used to provide relief for struggling postal workers and to recover from serious revenue losses during the pandemic. Trump’s concerns over “universal mail-in voting” are not warranted considering that only 9 out of 50 states are automatically sending ballots to registered voters. 5 of those states were already participating in this practice without any major instances of voter fraud and 0 states are sending mail-in ballots to non-registered voters meaning that citizens still have to go through certain measures to have their information verified. The President’s refusal to pass this legislation is a disturbing example of how far he’ll take his misinformed opinions on mail-in voting despite obvious peril the Postal Service is facing.

Dejoy: Postmaster General, Trump Donor, and USPS Competitor

The President’s refusal to provide relief for the post office is also drawing attention to his relationship with the Postmaster General Louis Dejoy. Dejoy, who took office in mid-June 2020, is not only a major Trump and Republican party donor, but also the holder of assets in several USPS competitors. Along with his wife Alonda Wos, the two hold between $30 and $75 million in assets of companies such as UPS, J.B Hunt, and XPO Logistics according to government records. This has caused some to question if any of Dejoy’s recent policy changes have been directly influenced by President Trump or any of the companies Dejoy has stock in.

The Postmaster-General has recently placed a hiring freeze on management positions, encouraged early retirements for non-union employees (which includes approximately 50,000 employees), eliminated overtime (which accounts for nearly 20% of all work done), and changed delivery schedules. Those delivery schedule changes have been particularly troubling for post office workers who are claiming that they experience significant delays because of the program. The system is called “Expedited Street/Afternoon Sortation” and is already unliked by many postal workers. Dejoy’s plan requires workers to get on the street earlier with sorted mail and come back in the afternoon to sort remaining mail for the next day as opposed to sorting in the morning. This means that workers often come back from delivering a full day of mail to a stack of more mail to sort. It could also mean that your mail just happened to be unsorted meaning that it will be delivered the next day instead of the intended date. These delays have prompted Congress to call Dejoy before the House Oversight Committee on August 24th for a hearing. Senate Democrats led by Elizabeth Warren have also asked the inspector general to review if Dejoy’s swift policy changes are ethical considering the upcoming election. So far an investigation is being held, but lawmakers do not know if it is a full-fledged one or more relaxed. Overall, there are serious questions about Dejoy’s integrity, investments, and policy concerning the upcoming election.

Update: Dejoy’s Decision to Reverse Recent Policy Changes

Since this article was written Dejoy has announced that he will be halting any recent policy changes until after the election is over to prevent any talks of election collusion. This decision was most likely made due to the pressure applied from congressional democrats who suggested that he was working along with Trump to interfere with the upcoming election. Although Dejoy has claimed to reverse all policies, democrats are not done with their investigation especially concerning the current dismantling of mail-sorting machines ordered by the Postmaster-General himself.

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