• Ashlee Knox

Trump's Refusal to Accept Election Results

As 2020 comes to a close President-Elect Biden’s campaign continues to prepare while anxiously awaiting the oval office meanwhile Trump is refusing to concede asking for recounts in more states.

The soon-to-be-former ex-President has filed more than 40 separate lawsuits in the 6 battleground states that he lost in the November election. Out of those lawsuits, 26 were denied, dismissed, settled, or withdrawn while the rest are still pending. Most of the lawsuits proposed by the President’s campaign lawyer’s revolve around the use of “fraudulent” mail-in ballots that his administration has opposed consistently for the past months.

In addition to the numerous lawsuits, Trump has asked for recounts in battleground states such as Georgia and Wisconsin. Although the 1st recount in Georgia, which was mandatory and by hand due to the law governing slim election margins, showed that Biden won by over 12,000 votes the Trump campaign has asked for the votes to be counted a 3rd time by machine. While the recount will likely not show any discrepancies Georgia will allow for the 3rd recount due to the still small amount of voters separating the winner of the state. Similarly, a recent recount of votes in two Wisconsin counties resulted in a 132 vote gain for Biden while Trump only gained a measly 45 votes. At the end of the recount, which cost the President $3 million, Biden still maintained an over 20,000 vote lead securing his win in Wisconsin despite Trump’s accusation of counting illegal votes.

Since none of the lawsuits or recounts the Trump administration has petitioned for the President has refused to concede multiple times on both social media and television. This refusal to concede has concerned Democrats as the President continues to attempt to spur doubt in the minds of citizens on the validity and security of our democracy.